About the LINC network

LEADER Inspired Network Community (LINC) LUXEMBOURG 2017

The conference aims to

  • present the results and innovative methods achieved using the LEADER approach;
  • promote the network expansion of rural developers;
  • exchange the professional experience of representatives of the European LEADER areas;
  • establish links for international cooperation and
  • draw attention to the importance of communication and knowledge transfer between local economic and social actors about the tourism, cultural heritage, traditional local products and other important issues among the business partners.

„Get informed, - Be properly informed about the professional issues

Get inspired, - Be inspired about mutual learning and practical knowledge transfer

Get involved, - Take part, meet the members and multiple skills of the community”

The first conference was held in Austria in 2010, the next one in Germany in 2011, then in Estonia in 2012, in Finland in 2013, then Austria hosted the event in 2014. In autumn, 2015 Italy followed. 2016 in Hungary. This year it will be held in Luxembourg.