Important Information


Please take a look at the "Study Tours" and "Accommodations" sections on the website before you finalize your registration.

Main steps to finalize your registration:

  • General Information about your organization / LAG. Remember that we need a picture of your LAG region to be included in LINC 2017 brochure. You can upload your picture on LINC 2017 registration form or you can send it to
  • We like to advert you that in regard to the limited number of places of participants at LINC-conference and as we hope due to the central localization of Luxembourg to get also more participants from the western and southwestern part of Europe to LINC, we have to limit in a first round registration per LAG/organization at max. 10 persons. We can make a waiting list but without warranty of participation. Decisions to the waiting list will be communicated right after 15th of march.
    If in your team there are more than 10 participants, please contact us at
  • Fields to be filled in for each participant:

First name, last name, gender, study tour & accommodation.

Deadline for registration is March 15, 2017.

After registration, you’ll get an automatic confirmation mail from website - in a second step we will check your registration details – if everything is complete, you will get an official confirmation mail from us. 

Billing and hotel information will be sent to the registered organizations.


There are 9 different accommodations. All accommodations are situated in the town of Vianden. At the reception at your hotel, you will get a situation plan with your hotel on it and the locations of the main venues where the conference will take place. (e.g. castle of Vianden & Larei…)

Please, note: to choose a shared room is cheaper and save rooms for other teams.

Remember to take the cost of accommodation into consideration.

Conference fee

The conference fee includes:

Conference fee + Study Tour + Catering + LINC Walk + Dinners + Bus + Guide:  180 € /person

The term of payment for the invoice is 10 banking days.

Cancellation deadline: 

Til 15th March 2017: 100 % refund

Between 15th March 2017 – 8th April 2017: 50 % refund

After 8th Avril 2017 – no refunds

The organizer reserves the right to cancel a reservation if payment has not been made within the term of payment.

Empowering people - Study tours

On Wednesday 10th May 2017 the participants will take part in Study Tours to the 5 LAG regions in Luxembourg.

You are only able to take part in one of the study tour. All the projects which we will present are thematically connected to the topic of the chosen study tour. Please note that we reserve the right for redirecting registered participants in order to balance the tours. In that case we will try to redirect to an other tour which’s topic is the closest to the previously selected one.

LINC Walk & European Buffet

The sport activities are a tradition at the LINC conference. This year we will offer you something new: The LINC Walk – a 8 km hike with different food stops and interactive games. International teams of 10 persons will be formed before starting the competition. People that are not so “sporty” can without problem take part at the LINC Walk and during some more “sporty” games leave their place to other team participants.

Please don’t forget to wear good shoes for walking and clothes that fits with the weather.  

We want also to combine the LINC Walk with the EUROPEAN Buffet – that’s why we ask you to bring only things that we can use for aperitif e.g. salty pieces or for digestif e.g. liquor) 

We would ask you to only bring things that don’t need to be specially kept cold or stored in any other special way. We also ask you to select dishes that can be served cold. At your hotel, please hand the dishes or beverages over to check-in.